Main functions

One-time work of The Radio Frequency Centre of the Far-East Federal District Federal State Unitary Enterprise

  • Radio monitoring and radio measurements
  • Work to ensure proper use of radio spectrum
  • Other types of works (services)

Work of spectrum management (to ensure regulation of the use of radio frequencies and radio-electronic means in order to use them properly) and ensure its availability for use of electronics in communication networks of businesses and individuals

  • Land mobile service
  • Broadcasting service
  • Network distribution systems, television receivers and audio (radio) broadcast
  • Digital Radio Wireless Access
  • Maritime Mobile Radio Service
  • Fixed-satellite service radio
  • Fixed service radio
  • Amateur radio service
  • Radio receivers
  • Network for distribution of television programs using systems such as MMDS, LMDS, MVDS

In the RFC FEFD FSUE the Measuring laboratory, being part of the radio monitoring department, carries out functions of the Test operations (measuring) center:

  • measuring of technical parameters of radio frequency equipment (RFE) in the 9 kHz to 40 GHz band for conformance to the specified requirements;
  • measuring of parameters and testing of radio frequency equipment (RFE), particularly of topical devices, with formalization of memorandums for confirmation of their technical characteristics, receipt of the Certificate on possibility of entry to the territory of the Russian Federation;
  • measuring of technical parameters and levels of radio interference from high-frequency devices (HFD) for conformance to the specified requirements;
  • carrying out technical expertise of TD on availability/ unavailability of RFE (HFD) in their configuration.

Capabilities of the laboratory:

The laboratory staff is highly qualified. All specialists are highly educated or have technical secondary profiled education as well they passed refresher courses.

The laboratory has a modem technological base and it is equipped with modem control and measuring apparatus: the frequency response analyzers made by Rohde & Schwarz Company.