Main functions

Main functions of Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Radio Frequency Centre of the Central Federal District" are:

- maintenance of proper use of radio frequencies or radio frequency channels, radio-electronic facilities and high-frequency devices;

- examination of the possibiity of using of radio-electronic facilities; this includes examination of electromagnetic compatibility with planning and already operating radio-electronic facilities;

- monitoring of radio-electronic facilities' and high-frequency devices' of civil usage emissions (radiocontrol);

- rendering of assistance in international legal protection of radio frequencies' (radio frequency channels') assignments.


We are providing the following services to all users of the radiospectrum in the Russian Federation:

1. Examination of the possibility of using of radio-electronic facilities, including their electromagnetic compatibility with planning and already operating radio-electronic facilities.

2. Search for sources of radio interferences and taking possible measures to eliminate interferences.

3. Ensuring availability of radio spectrum, intended for the usage by radio-electronic facilities.

4. Measurement of technical parameters of the radio-electronic facilities and high frequency devices.

5. Field tests for electromagnetic compatibility of radio-electronic facilities.

6. Measurement of coordinates of geodetic points at the installation of radio electronic facilities and high frequency devices. Measurement antenna’s height of suspension.

7. Formation (confirmation) of callsign IDs.

8. Examination of conformity of the technical characteristics of imported radio-electronic facilities, high-frequency devices and components of equipment with specifications, approved by State Committee of Radiofrequencies.

9. Calculation of the service area of radio-electronic facilities.

10. Measurement of electromagnetic fields in order to calculate the service area of radio-electronic facilities.

11. Measurement of the flux density of electromagnetic energy.

12. Calculation of the route for radio relay communication lines.

13. Calculation of the boundaries of sanitary protection zones under the influence of electromagnetic fields.

14. Gathering and analyzing information on the radio network state.

15. Bringing the technical parameters of the REFs in line with the frequency-spatial plan, current standards (reprogramming REFs).

16. Test of a sample of technical means on the parameters of electromagnetic compatibility.

17. Instrumental examination of the absence (presence) of REFs, HFDs in the composition of technical means.

18. Evaluation of possible changes in the frequency-spatial plan of a radio network.

19. Forming radiofrequency request in order to obtain the resolution of State Committee of Radiofrequencies on the allocation of frequency bands, including for import of REFs, HFD to the territory of the Russian Federation.

20. Consulting services in the sphere of government regulation of radio communications on the territory of Russia.